Dogwood Ramblings

What is a real friend?  This was sent to me so I am sharing.  “Seems to me all of this hangs upon one’s definitions of ‘real’ and ‘friend.’ It’s not that difficult to remain socially indifferent (non-judgmental) toward the political, metaphysical, epistemological, ethical, spiritual, persuasions of acquaintances and superficial friends.  However, to feel a heartfelt bond with another with whom one cannot begin to share one’s deepest convictions, or even art appreciations (for one’s art appreciation will depend upon all the above) appears to me to require a level of self-denial that precludes any chance of real friendship.  We can admire certain qualities of a great many people, without any possibility of their becoming real friends.”  But, we should always remember we are all brothers and sisters.

I had a delightful visit this past week, with a 90 year old first cousin from Minnesota who was passing through Missouri.  His sister, now deceased, was babysitter for my sister and me eons ago in Los Angeles.  This visit put my mind to work to determine how many first cousins remain,  only five to my knowledge.  Two of them do not respond to my efforts as their family got into some sort of religious cult before they were teenagers and apparently want no contact although I have tried.  Two of them have been lost to connection for about 50 years, again due to difficulties with religion as well as dysfunctional parents.  How very sad.  Those of you my age or so have possibly also lost contact with family members.  All I have left are memories of when we were quite young, and those memories are good….yet, we cannot wallow in the past.  So, hang on to family the best you can.  Tell them you love them!

New Year’s Eve was quiet here.  I can remember many a party, many a gathering for this occasion and now I feel they are best left to younger generations. A cup of flavored decaf coffee was my “party” and off to bed early.

Here is a quote from American Thinker, 01-01-2012:  “On our campuses all the trendy ignoramuses sneer at Western Civilization, passing on their own ignorance and contempt to generations of young students. Yet it is the West that has preserved the value of individual human beings, and it is the West that transformed individual freedom into a vast creative force that is still improving our lives, under names like “free markets,” “inventions that make life better,” “fundamental scientific discoveries,” “the age of exploration,” political liberty, free speech and free thought, freedom of religion and conscience — all products of the Western Enlightenment. The Enlightenment gave us the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, by far the most humane and practical political statements ever produced by Western Civilization.”  We must not let the powers that be usurp our Constitution.

Enough of my rambling! I pray all is well with you throughout this new year.

Pleasant Ridge Baptist from the desk of Jamey Herd: New Year’s Greetings to everyone. The last two weeks have been very busy with Christmas, family get-togethers, Church functions and so on. Pleasant Ridge had a good gathering for Christmas and New Year’s.  The children did their play for the Church and the two Nursing Homes. They did a wonderful job. We’ve not experienced any of the normal winter weather and it has been pleasantly warmer than normal. So it makes me wonder what we are in for as January marches on to February. There were several brave souls that gathered New Year’s Eve at the Church for finger foods and games. Billy Joe is nursing a cold so we stayed in and went to bed early.

Next Sunday the men are going to have their get-together at 4PM instead of the 8 AM breakfast at the Church while the Ladies Meeting is held at Pam Cobb’s at 4 PM. I am not sure what the men really plan on having for their get-together instead of breakfast food. We will conduct the monthly business meeting at 6 PM followed by a short devotion.

Condolences go out to Debra Williams in the passing of her step dad. His services were held in Buffalo this past Friday. Prayers are still going out to Max Wood who is still in Cox South. Also Tony Fount of Sparta who is in Columbia receiving treatment for an aneurism. Prayers go out to anyone else I might have missed.

We had a great family get-together at son, Ron’s, north of Rogersville on Christmas Eve. Our youngest daughter, Janice and family came from Wichita for Christmas so all the kids were together except for Don. Unfortunately he had to work on Christmas Eve. He managed to come for a short time on Friday night to be with us and see Janice, Robert, Kara and Kyle. Ron also had to go to work Christmas Eve afternoon but we had brunch and a gift exchange. Then Ron saddled the horses and took the kids horseback riding before he had to leave for work. Daughter, Susan, even decided to ride some. At least this year we didn’t have to slip and slide to get to Ron’s like last year.

If you have internet and are on Facebook check out Pleasant Ridge Baptist’s page and “like” us. Again, Happy New Year to everyone and God Bless.