County Line

Melanie Breeding, Reece, Quin, Megan and Macee, Donna Dodson and Diana Davis all came by on Monday then they all went to the basketball games at the Middle School. Dalton Watkins went to the ballgame with Diana.

Donna and Macee were here on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Macee had tubes put in her ears on Thursday in Springfield. Her mommy and daddy took her.

Juanita Kazinske called me Wednesday. Debra Reed called a couple of times this week.

Jo Stephens visited with Bessie Hall on Thursday.

Donna took me to town on Saturday after she watched Megan, Bryse and Quin play basketball.

Chase Dodson went with Hope Evans and her family to Houston Saturday.

Zack Mendel spent Saturday night with Bryse Dodson.

Megan Goforth spent Saturday night with Regan Koop.

Quin Breeding attended Nick Lawler’s birthday party on Sunday afternoon.

Keith Breeding and Reece visited Kenny Breeding on Sunday afternoon.

Keith and Melanie and kids had supper with David and Donna Dodson Sunday evening after they had attended church. Reece and Quin then spent the night with them.