County Line

Donna Dodson, Macee Breeding, Diana Davis and Willie were all here on Monday. They got the rest of the Christmas decorations down and put away.

Michael Dodson and Bryse came by on Thursday. They and Corrina, Keith and Melanie Breeding all went to Springfield to watch Chase and Reece play basketball. Megan, Quin and Macee stayed with me.

Macee was sick Friday and Sunday. Dominick Bristol had been sick also.

Several of the great grandkids are playing basketball.

John and Lisa Hensley of Hartville had supper at John and Jo Stephens three night this week before they went to Seth’s tournament at Gainesville. On Saturday Max and Kathy Stephens, Eric Stephens, Aaron and Jordan Tate also visted and enjoyed supper.

Quin Breeding celebrated his 7th birthday Saturday at the MOCH Wellness Center. He and his friends and cousins all enjoyed playing basketball and soccer in the gym. Kami Souder did a great job on his wrestling cake. Everyone enjoyed it and cupcakes, ice cream, tea and punch. He got a lot of gifts.

Those here on Sunday to celebrate my 85th birthday were Gene and Rheba Pool, Jo Stephens, Diana and Butch Davis, Amy Hill, Axle, Challa and Dalton, Jolisa Iott, Willie, Ashlin, Cedrick and Dominick, Bentley and Hilary Iott, Emily and Dylan, David and Donna Dodson, Michael Dodson, Keith and Melanie Breeding, Reece, Megan, Quin and Macee, Danny Bushong ahd his dog, Tip; Onna Bushong and Dayton Bushong. We had a big dinner. Birthday cake and ice cream were served. I appreciate everyone who came.