County Line

Donna Dodson, Quin and Macee Breeding and Megan Goforth were here Tuesday.

Chase Dodson and Reece Goforth went to Willow Springs Tuesday and Thursday to play basketball. Mike and Corrina Dodson and Keith and Melanie Breeding went to watch them.

Donna and Macee took me to the doctor Wednesday.

Thursday was my birthday. Donna, Reece, Chase, Megan, Bryse, Quin and Macee and Diana Davis were all here for cake. Debra called and said her and Johnnie were both sick. Danny, Linda and Jo all called. I appreciate everyone who called, sent cards or gave gifts.

Diana took me to town Saturday. Donna came by after she and David got home from Willow Springs. They went to watch Reece and Chase play ball. They stopped for supper at Mountain Grove.

Happy Birthday to Cathy Marriott.

Reece and Megan spent Friday and Saturday nights with Dale and Glenda Evans.

Travis and Dede Mitchell, Bub and Ty visited Friday night with them and Cody Goforth stayed all night Saturday night.

Mike and Corrina Dodson, Chase and Bryse visited Chris and Alicia Degase and family Saturday evening.

Danny’s kids visited him over the weekend. Those there were Onna Bushong, Brinton Bushong, and his girlfriend, Emily Wyatt, Dayton Bushong and Jordann Irwin.

I appreciate the Herald for the nice gift.