Church of the Living God

This is late news from January 15. The morning song specials were by Linda R., Missy B. and a duet by the Pastor and Bevy.

The morning message was from Jude. That book of the Bible is one chapter, twenty-five veses. It’s a very interesting book. Take time and read it, it talks about false teachers, abut us having diligence in our Christian life.

Also the verse in Isaiah 15. The prayer requests were many. I wasn’t there, but we are so thankful God is always there and He hears and answers prayer.

Sunday, January 22 – Special prayer requests were voiced for Don G., Betty Herrell’s family, America and Israel, John and Loren, unspoken, Betty Smith and many more.

Special music was provided by Bevy and Linda Roberts.

The morning message was in Matthew 1 – who is greatest in the kingdom, the disciples asked Jesus, this. When we get to feeling full of ourselves we need to read verses 1-4, except we be converted and become as little children, ye cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven. We all feel mightly and macho and we don’t need anybody, we can handle it ourselves, but we can’t even walk without Him holding our hand. We need Jesus in our lives. He don’t need us, but He loves us so much.

The evening message was the Lord’s Prayer, Matthew 6:9. Read and reread it will fill your soul with joy, hallowed be thy name, they will be done, Give us, forgive us, as we forgive, lead us not, deliver us, thine is the kingdom and the power and glory forever!!!

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“The eye sees what the heart loves, what do you see?”