Church of the Living God

Sunday, January 8 – there were numerous prayer requests – Doug I., Rylan, Missy B., unspoken, Lee’s, Don G. and Blake. Michael took all these requests to the throne.

Our Sunday school lesson was in Acts 3. Everyone has heard the story of the man whom was laid daily at the temple gate, beautiful. That particular day he saw Peter and John and asked for alms, he ended up with God’s healing on his body. From his mother’s womb, he was not able to walk. Verse 8 says he walked, leaping and praising God. How often do we miss the chance to praise God for what he has done. I praise God when I wake up with breath, God is good.

Steve had a mini message to give us, Luke 4:1-13. The first verse says, and Jesus being full of the Holy Ghost returned from Jordan and was led by the spirit into the wilderness. He was tempted by Satan forty days, the devil had all kinds of temptations put to him by Satan. Jesus told Satan to get behind him, for it is written. When Satan temps us, and he will, we should answer the same – “Get behind me, for it is written.”

The Pastor’s message was in Luke 12. We cannot hide anything. God is an all knowing God and also a loving one.

It is written that God is love, but there are conditions, adhere to them.

The evening message was given by Michael Marah, one of our young preachers. He preached from Luke 15:11-32. We know the story. Does it fit anyone we know like me and you? I want what I want now and I will be on my way.

When we finally come to our senses, if we have any left,” “I am going home to my father,” I am not worthy, but father, I have sinned and God threw him to the wolves.” No the father said, “for this, my son was dead, now is alive, he was lost, now he is found.

He will wear a robe of white and a crown and a home in heaven. Here also we have conditions to meet. It was a good message by Michael. His final thought was All God or No God.

Come see us, visit, make us your home church, if you don’t have one.

You will find us at the corner of N.W. 6th Avenue and N.W. 7th St.

You can’t stand in one place and go forward for God!