Breedon Church

We gathered together at 11 o’clock for church services. We omitted Sunday school for lack of attendance.

Roy Hampton took up the morning offering. Arthur Hampton led the offering prayer. We held the questions over until next Sunday.

We sang congregational songs. Everyone was hoarse from allergies. We final got through it. The text for the preaching hour was St. John the 17th chapter. Joe led in prayer. Pastor Joe Lafferty also preached the sermon. Sue Sisco sang a solo. Angel Haden and her primary class sang a Bible School song.

We had an invitational song then Arthur Hampton dismissed in prayer.

Don’t forget the Fifth Sunday Singing held at Goodhope General Baptist Church. Musicians at six, then congregational singing at 7:00. Hope to see everyone there to receive God’s blessings. Refreshments after singing – coffee and snacks.

Until next week, God bless everyone.