Breedon Church

We started our services with our lesson in St. John, chapter 16.

Joe Lafferty taught our lesson and we discussed the chapter. We don’t lack too many chapters to finish the book of St. John. It’s a good book to study, but all the Bible is. You always learn something new.

Lee and Daryl Hampton got to be with us, but Wilma had to go back to St. John’s Hospital for more test. We are still praying for her recovery and they’ll find the cause that makes her have so much pain.

Lee Hampton took up the morning offering. Clara Lafferty said the offering prayer.

At 11 o’clock church service, we sang hymns. We had the primary Bible class singing. They sure did good. I love to hear little children singing. Sue Sisco led them with Angel Haden. Ronnie Thomas, Sue Thomas, Joe Lafferty and Sue Sisco sang. Susie Sisco sang a solo. I love the song she sang, it has pretty words.

Joe Lafferty’s sermon was in the book of St. John 20:30-31 then Acts 2 and led in prayer.

We are dismissing Sunday evening services for awhile because of cold weather, it’s hard to get out its been so cold. Our attendance has been so few we decided to omit services for reasons such as lots of flus and colds and other things. We thought it was best.

Until next time, God bless us all.