Breedon Church

Well here we are another New Year.

We started with our lesson in St. John the 14th chapter, “Let not your heart be troubled, you believe in God, believe also in me.”  We discussed the lesson, which is pretty plain the way it is.

Roy Hampton took up the morning offering and led in prayer.

It seems that so many people have a sinus cold, that’s going around; about the time some of them get over it, someone else takes it.

We have had some very cold days and windy, not any snow yet.

At 11:00 Joe Lafferty preached on Matthew 10th chapter, Jesus send out the twelve disciples, 1st verse thru 16; and led in prayer.

Evening service started with singing.  Roy Hampton and Susie Sisco sang a special, Susie sang another song and Joe Lafferty, Susie Sisco and Clara Lafferty sang together.

Roy Hampton preached in St. John 10:1-18 and Daniel 3rd Chapter.  Joe Lafferty gave a summary of what Roy read of Hebrews 13:19, “That great shepherd”.

We had a few testimonies, Travis Hampton dismissed in prayer.

Don’t forget Saturday night the 7th of January at Goodhope General Baptist Church is “Tag that preacher” service at 7:00 PM, music at 6:00.

We hope everyone has a “Happy New Year” and good health.

May God bless, Clara Lafferty

P.S. Hope to see you in church, “To the Herald, thanks for the letter of appreciation”.