Sorry I haven’t gotten any news in the paper for a couple of weeks. I was just plain lazy and busy at the same time if that is possible, and didn’t make the time to sit down and write anything. Maybe it had to do with priorities. It got extremely busy at our house the week before and after Christmas with shopping, company and family gatherings. I am a world-class procrastinator and didn’t start my Christmas shopping until the week before Christmas, actually the Thursday before. I had ordered a couple of things online, but hadn’t done anything else. I enjoy the Christmas season a lot, but braving the stores a few days before Christmas can be brutal and takes a lot of endurance and determination. I am still strong on determination, but the endurance is waning. I think next year I will have to make myself shop earlier or do most of it online.

Every day is closer to spring, and every day that is mild is one more day we don’t have bad weather. As I have grown older I have learned to appreciate every day the Lord has given us and I try not to take any day for granted. I do appreciate every day but I enjoy the warmer weather more. I love the first day of winter, not because it is winter but I know the days are now the shortest they will be all year and in a week or so they will start gaining a minute or two of more daylight every day until late in June. I am thankful for the mild weather we are having so far. I hope it lasts but the fact that we live where we do tells me it will change, probably sooner than later.  I have noticed through the years that the second week in January always seems to have snow, ice or some kind of exciting weather.

Corby and Lisa Lux had all of the Lux family at their house for Christmas. They had a nice surprise when Corby’s dad, Eldon, flew in to Branson from his home in Florida to celebrate Christmas with them. Corby’s sister, Kim was in on the surprise and made the trip to Branson to “pick up a few things” and brought her dad home with her. I saw pictures on facebook and it looked like everyone had a ball.

Nicole and Charlie Spear had a wonderful New Year’s Eve in Bradleyville with Nicole’s grandmother, Lucy Dennis.

A very good message at New Mansion Church last Sunday, brought by Jeff D. Marsh. He encouraged us all to set spiritual goals for the next year whether it was reading our Bible more, being a better witness, walking closer with God or whatever goal we felt we needed to work on. I have my list on my refrigerator, not my mirror, not a big surprise, huh Jeff D.?

Basketball has started back with the new year and the boys are in the Seymour tournament this week while the girls are in the Sparta tournament. Next week on Monday, Jan. 9 both the boys and girls will have a game with New Covenant at home. On Thursday, Jan. 12 the girls will travel to Gainesville and on Friday, Jan. 13 the boys will have a game at Mansfield.

Please call me at 796-2651 or e-mail me at if you have any news you would like included in the paper.

Birthdays: Jan. 4: Grace Coffer, Ritchie Horner, Lindsay Marsh, Jeannie Whittaker; Jan. 5: Stephen Beeler, Stacey Clemans, Beverly Johnson, Gregg Johnson; Jan. 7: Scott Pollard, Kayla Van Winsen; Jan. 8: Leona Hunsaker, Barbara Casey, Abby Brumfield, Darla Day, J.D. Day, Gale Osburn; Jan. 11: Greg Blair, Bill Dalton, Peggy Krause.

Anniversaries: Jan. 4: Bob and Gina Smith; Jan. 6: Aaron and Sara Blair.