Bethany Baptist Church

Youth Choir sang a special song, Sunday morning. Bart and Cheryl Roughton and their children sang a special in the evening service. Pastor Bob Sorensen brought a message he called, “What will happen in 2012.”

We have been told not to boast of tomorrow for we do not know what tomorrow will bring, but there are some things that we know will happen such as Spring following Winter, income taxes will have to be paid, and birthdays will be celebrated. These things have always happened and we expect they will continue, but there are other trends and events coming we can be sure about.

Sin will increase more and more. James 1:14-15 says that sin comes from lust and sin brings forth death. The very acts that God calls abomination will be promoted by some and accepted by many. Every form of immoral act will be part of talk show conversations and America will be entertained by them. Alcohol and drug use will continue to destroy lives and draw the innocent into its snare. Ever since Adam and Eve sinned, there has been a progression of sin and death. The first human child, Cain, killed his brother, Abel and sin progressed until God destroyed the world in the flood. Noah’s family set out again with a fresh start, but sin continued to progress.

There will be more attempts to restrict free expression of the gospel in public places. Preachers who preach against the social sins and promote Jesus Christ as the hope and Saviour for the world will come up against more and more resistance. Schools, military bases, and even some cemeteries have already been  declared off limits for expressions of Christian faith.

Satan will try harder and harder to destroy Christianity. He will work to make sin look good and attempts to live godly lives look hopeless or foolish. Satan is very subtil in his approach. He starts by casting doubt. He does not want to live under the rule and authority of God and his goal is to lead all of mankind to rebel against God. If you do not live close to God, Satan will run away with you . You can’t fight him alone, but you can trust God to bring you through the year.

Many people will go further into debt and debt limits what they can do for God.

The Saviour will still save all who come to him. No one will be turned down. Salvation is not exclusive to a few select persons, but is available to all who believe the gospel message.

Death will overtake some. It is appointed once to die. In spite of all medical breakthroughs, people will still die.

We will be one year closer to the coming of the Lord. It is possible that Jesus could come in 2012. Jesus warned his disciples to be ready and preachers have been preaching about it for hundreds of years. Some people scoff at the idea, but it is no less true that he will come someday.

God will use anyone who will surrender to the work of the Lord in 2012.

How should we approach 2012? Things will happen, for which we are not prepared. Our hearts need to be fixed, our faith established in the Lord Jesus Christ, so that when the tests and temptations come, we will still be standing on the unfailing promises of God. Trust the Lord with all that happens this year.