Basher News

Bob, Linda and I went to church on Sunday. After church we went to Mansfield and had lunch at the home of Andy and Barb Williams. Others joining us were Jamie, Shawna, Hunter, Grayson and new baby daughter, Jaylyn, also Aimee. On our way home we visited with Barb, Jack, Preston, William, Conner, Brian, Miracle and Joe.

I talked to James by phone. He had been to visit his sister, Theda, her husband, Leo, and family.

We got a call that my brother-in-law, Hugh Morris, is in the hospital not doing well. He and wife, Violet, have been in the nursing home in Windsor, MO. Violet seems to be doing pretty well. She enjoys doing embroidery work.

I talked to Bob, he and Susie are doing good. He is making me a new Martin house for spring. Hope the birds find it.

Linda talked by phone with Amberlyn and Madison of Oklahoma.

Linda visited with Sue Porter on the phone, she said her Easter lilies were up.

Until next week, God bless all.