Last Weeks News – Saturday Bob and Linda McCleary took me to Branson sightseeing and we spent the night. We all enjoyed the outing.

Chris Johnson came and brought in wood for Bob and Linda McCleary.

On Saturday Bob and Linda McCleary attended the birthday party for Devon Johnson, a great-grandson.

Jack and Barbara Breshears and Miracle visited on Monday evening. Later Joe and Tina Wilson, Stephanie and Brittney visited with Jack and Barbara. Miracle and Brittney fixed supper for the group.

Linda had a nice visit with Aunt Violet Morris by phone.

I got a nice card from Belvin Galligher in Washington. I had worked for him about 50 years ago, on the ranch, building two houses and a packing shed.

Bob and Linda McCleary and I had received several Christmas well wishes cards.

Until next time, may God bless you all.