Bonnie Phipps said that her and C.C. Edwards ate New Years dinner at her home and they had black eyed peas.

Justin and Tara Coonce and Jett came over last Monday and ate dinner with me and opened their presents and visited a while and I got their pictures before they went home.


Kristie came that evening and brought my table back and visited while Lakota was in therapy on her leg.

George and Violet dropped by last Tuesday and looked at my Christmas tree and the decorations I had in my front room.

Violet got her some eggs while she was here.

I went over to town later on and took my news and went by Marie Dickey’s, Anita Smith’s and Justin Coonce and Jett’s before I took care of business and before I came home.

Lakota Blakey, Hellen Blakey, Marie Dickey and Carol Moore all went to the Pizza Hut Wednesday at noon and ate pizza to help Marie and Carol celebrate their birthdays which had already passed, but that was the only time I could get them together.

Lakota and Hellen went to ¬†George and Violet’s so we could see some of Violet’s quilts that she had put together. Lakota is making herself one and she has the block almost done.

I took Lakota to her therapy after we got back to my house and then James came and got her later.

Thursday I went over to Town and Country Bank Drive In where they were having open house.

Saturday I went up to Springfield to Vernal and Ellen’s and went with them to Salem, MO. where their friends, Leroy and Maxine Dovin live and we had a wonderful time with them. We played a game called Farkle. I won two of the games.

We stayed all night and then we came back Sunday afternoon. When we came through Rolla I called my sister, Mollie McPheeters, who lives at Camdenton and wished her a Happy New Year and she said she had called my house and left me that message on my phone. I stayed all night with Vernal and Ellen.

Lets keep our prayers going for all our sick folks.